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Toyota Hilux 4×4 Vs Nissan Pickup

Toyota Hilux 4×4 Vs Nissan Pickup

Toyota Hilux 4x4 Vs Nissan PickupToyota Hilux and Nissan are two Japanese brands dominating in Asian pickup market nowadays. These brands have produced iconic pickup trucks with excellence over the last 20 years. Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara dominate as best sellers in the Asian region with their excellent driving assistance.

Toyota Corporation has been manufacturing its venerable Hilux pickup truck for sale worldwide since 1968. Nissan joined this competition in the 1990s after developing its Hardbody high range of trucks. Here in this blog post, we’ll compare these two Japanese brands to help you find the best truck in terms of exterior, interior, performance, engine, horsepower, and specifications between the Toyota Hilux pickup and Nissan. Let’s read the following article to get a closer look at the Toyota and Nissan Navara to know which truck is best for you. Scroll down now! 

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Exterior 

Toyota Hilux and Nissan establish their market identity by producing top-notch, high-performance, powered-packed safety features. Although it’ll be difficult to declare at first glance which one is greater than the other; however, the Nissan pickup is longer than the Hilux’s, which increases cargo space and gives passengers an overall great space inside. Toyota Hilux Vigo outclassed the Nissan Navara in size, but Nissan offers a bigger wheelbase of 3,150 mm. Both models sport a 2-stage grille and wide halogen headlights, which have automatic on/off functions that will enhance their utility and demand range. 

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Interior 

Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara trucks are designed for one driver and a 4-passenger. Hilux Vigo pickups or trucks equips with Audio Streaming, MP3, 6 Speakers, Radio, DVD, 6.5-inch display audio, and a capacitive touch screen. On the other side, Nissan is equipped with Audio Streaming, MP3, 6 Speakers, Radio, CD, and 8-inch display audio.

Hilux equips its trucks with 3 leading connection ports USB, Bluetooth, and AUX. On the other side, multiple ports are also a plus point for Nissan. It has a cruise control feature, which is helpful for a long-distance family trip. Nissan automatic adjustable seat, making driving much easier and more comfortable for long trip drivers.

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Torque & Horsepower

The Toyota offers 450 Nm of torque and 174 horsepower with a 2.8-liter diesel, which has good pulling power. Meanwhile, Nissan makes the same amount of pull with 180 horsepower and a 2.5-liter diesel. Based on these numbers, Nissan Navara is more efficient and powerful than Toyota.

Hilux wins this engine power segment; it is driven by a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 201 hp and 500 Nm worth of torque, while the Nissan comes with the same engine type with 2.5 liters 187 hp and 450 Nm worth of torque. Navara PRO-4X can only be paired with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, while the Hilux Conquest 4×4 can be mated with a 6-speed manual.

 Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Off-road Experience

When comparing both vehicles, Toyota gives you an exceptional new level of off-road experience that you are not experienced in Navara. With its ground clearance of 279 millimeters, you can enjoy freedom while driving on the rugged ground. Nissan has a lower ground clearance at just 245 millimeters, making it ideal for traveling in urban areas.

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Multimedia Systems 

Toyota and Nissan have outclassed multimedia systems for entertainment, supporting DVD, USB, AUX, Bluetooth connectivity, and 6-speaker sound systems. However, there is a small difference between both Toyota has a larger 7 inches display than Navara, with only a 5 inches screen size.

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Vibrant Color Scheme

For car lovers, car shade plays a vital role in picking their dream car. In the battle of shade, Nissan Win this battle with 8 vibrant colors because Hilux comes in the ground with only 5 colors.

Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan: Practical Usage/ Load Bay

Toyota and Nissan both brands come with a double cab configuration. Both brands are mainstream, and compatible with most pickup trucks and accessories. Hilux has a more practical interior with a hard plastic lining. It would be easy to keep clean and best as a commercial vehicle. Toyota double cabin has a rigid axle set-up and a rugged yet sturdy leaf spring, allowing it to load very heavily. 

Hilux double cab has a massive load bay; if you go for the double cab version, you’ll get a loading bay capable of hauling over 1,055 kg. There are undoubtedly impressive figures in Nissan. It carries more than 1,150 kg in its loading bay.

Whether you choose Toyota Hilux double cab or Nissan Navara, both midsize pickups are undeniably great due to their high note performance. After an in-depth comparison between the two, Toyota Hilux takes the winner’s spot due to its outclassed sizes, durable and high-end performance, an exceptional new level of off-road experience, large 7 inches display and rigid axle set-up, and a stiff leaf spring, all these features value your money with advanced exceptional features to enjoy a comfortable ride.


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