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Home Toyota Hilux Pickup Toyota Fortuner VS Toyota 4Runner – Top Compare & Features

Toyota Fortuner VS Toyota 4Runner – Top Compare & Features

Toyota Fortuner VS Toyota 4Runner – Top Compare & Features

Toyota Hilux introduces the best cars for off-roading on the market in every segment. Like multiple other automakers, Toyota sells high-end vehicles equipped with high-end technology and features. 

Toyota Fortuner VS Toyota 4Runner_ Top Compare & Features

Nowadays, being car buyers, we have many options that get puzzling. Today in this blog post, we will compare two Toyota Hilux (Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota 4Runner) released cars, and you must have a look if you are interested in buying one of them. Here’s a look
at the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota 4Runner in detail;

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner


The Toyota 4Runner’s longer and broader body designs are fully equipped to run comfortably on the highway without losing off-road capability. It’s longer and vast softer. The suspension body adjusts to a maximum interior room. The Toyota 4Runner gasoline engine provides superior performance in speed and acceleration at highway speeds.


Toyota 4Runner is well equipped with leather seats and vehicle stability control systems than the base version of the Toyota Fortuner. Its highly proficient systems assist you in preventing vehicle skidding and rollover.


Toyota 4Runner has hill assist and hill descent control, with the full-time AWD assisting traction in all scenarios. 4runner offers trailer sway control as a standard option for towing, which you’ll not find in Fortuner.4runner’s Torsen center differential provides traction in extreme situations, so you may select 4L and obtain full power availability to enjoy steep climbing hills.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is one of the best in the segment for off-roading. It is built with Toyota’s off-road traction control system and a standard locking rear giving it a 5-star rating!

Toyota Hilux 7seater Fortuner SUV manufactured by Japanese Automobile maker Toyota. Fortuner designs on the same platform as the Toyota Hilux, but they differ mainly in styling, body type, and interior. Now the 2022 Fortuner GR is the favorite of all Toyota geeks. Toyota Fortuner Thailand offers a body-on-frame rear-wheel drive SUV with a complete 4×2 setup. Fortuner comes with a 2.8-liter, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. This engine option is rated at only 201 hp, but it also produces roughly 369 lb-ft of torque. However, while it is a powerful 4×4 SUV, it’s not going to be a cheap one. 

Comparison Between
Toyota Fortuner & Toyota 4Runner

Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota 4Runner
Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota Fortuner is more agile and feels sportier than the Toyota 4runner or the Land Cruiser. It shares the chassis and suspension system with the Toyota Hilux pickup, and it’ll create a bouncier ride. Many drivers prefer the way the Fortuner handles it due to the limited version.

Toyota Fortuner is equipped similarly to the 4runner, and the price is also similar.
Fortuner sits higher off the ground by 3.5 centimeters, a plus point of Fortuner on rough roads or river crossings. Its shorter wheelbase also confers an advantage in these situations. Toyota Fortuner diesel engine provides more torque at lower RPMs. Its limited edition offers most of the same options at the same price as the Toyota 4Runner.


Toyota 4Runner

Toyota Fortuner

Fuel Type



Tank Capacity

80 liters

80 liters

Engine size

3956cc – 6 cylinder –
24 valve – DOHC Dual VVT-i

2755cc – 4 cylinder –
16 valve – DOHC D-4D – Turbo Diesel Intercooler with Common Rail

Power Capacity

271 HP @ 5600 rpm |
381 Nm @ 4400 rpm

174 HP @ 3400 rpm |
450 Nm @ 1600-2400 rpm

Tire &
Rim Size

245/70 R17

265/65 R17 or 265/65


4 x 4 low, TORSEN
center differential, locking

4×4 low w/ locking

automatic disconnect


Automatic only – 5

Manual or Automatic, 6


Full-time AWD

Rear-wheel drive and AWD

Air Bags

Dual with knee
protection in t
he front row, 2 lateral and 4 side curtains

Dual with knee
protection in t
he front row, 2 lateral and 4 side curtains in Limited Edition

Passenger Capacity

7 Seats

7 Seats

Exterior Height x

1.78 meters x 1.93

1.83 meters x 1.85

Wheel Base
– Total

2.79 meters – 4.83

2.74 meters x 4.79


2990 kg

2735 kg


If you are looking to purchase a Toyota used car in Thailand, or a new Toyota Hilux SG Asia Toyota dealer in Thailand can help you buy a car in Thailand at an affordable.

Apart from having stylish looks and technical specifications, both cars are good for long family trips and off-road driving adventures. Toyota 4Runne is best for off-road
driving, on the other side of its luxurious style and comfort
Toyota Fortuner gets the lead over the 4Runner. So, the choice is yours depending on the power of your pocket!



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