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13 Simple Steps To Keep Your Car Maintained For A Smooth & Safe Road Ride

13 Simple Steps To Keep Your Car Maintained For A Smooth & Safe Road Ride
Steps To Keep Your Car Maintained

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Regular maintenance and car service increase your car’s road worthy. Your care needs care as your body. Nobody wants to be stuck on the roadside for long hours; to avoid such possibilities, you can follow specific key steps to keep your ride running in tip-top shape.

As we all know, the price of brand-new cars in Thailand and worldwide is increasing, so it is just a daydream for the common man to buy a brand-new car. If you are one of them, don’t be sad! We’ll help you to increase your current vehicle value by maintaining it.

13 Simple Steps To Keep Your Car Maintained

13 Simple Steps To Keep Your Car Maintained

Regular car maintenance gives you a smooth and safe ride and optimizes your car’s performance, maintains its value, and extends its ride life. Here we share a few key tips that help save and run for years to come. Let’s check the tips;

1: Cover, Polish, Clean & Maintenance

If you buy 2nd hand car in Bangkok, you can keep your car’s exterior unblemished by following simple steps. If your 2nd hand car needs some adjustment, you can do it yourself. Let’s try to cover your car’s exterior with simple steps;

  • To prevent the car’s grille and bumper from being damaged -use a layer of transparent tape
  • To avoid paint damage- 2 to 3 times a year, Wax polishes your car
  • For regular cleanliness, clean your car with a high-pressure jet or take the services of a professional car washer

2: Car Engine

Oil extends your car engine life. Most people prefer to change their fuel after 3 months or 3,000 miles. But it’s not a fixed rule; sometimes, your engine needs extra attention to keep in good shape. For example, if you frequently drive your car in dusty and bumpy conditions or nonstop driving, you should change your oil more often. To keep your car maintenance, you have to follow the below engine-related precautionary measurements;

  • Regularly oil change
  • Change your car’s oil, air, and fuel filters
  • Keep change oil after every 5,000 to 7,500 miles
  • Check the PCV valve
  • Check spark plugs & their wires

3:Inspect & Maintain Wheels

A flat tire is a risk, so check your tires regularly, especially before long or family trips. Rotate your tires frequently after 6,000 or 8,000 miles. Try to install matched tires for a smooth ride or safety. If you’re traveling off-road or in extreme bumpy conditions, we suggest installing custom wheels suitable to the road conditions you always travel on.

4:Keep An Eye On Spark Plugs

Faulty spark plugs are a common issue. There are a few signs that indicate your spark plug needs replacement, such as;

  • Rough idling
  • Increase in exhaust emissions
  • Uneven power during accelerating

5: Swapping Spark Plugs

Changing your spark plugs is quite challenging. Swap your spark plug to improve your engine performance and fuel consumption. Nowadays, most vehicles’ spark plugs are equipped with platinum-tipped electrodes. Platinum-tipped electrode plugs rated100,000 miles, so you don’t have to change them frequently.

6: Replacing Spark-Plug Wires

Spark-plug wires conduct 10,000 volts of electricity from your engine’s coil to its spark plugs. Excessive heat and vibration can break these wires, leading to potential drivability issues. If you face such an issue, don’t worry; if you can change the wall socket, you’ll probably change it as well. Equipped plug wires rider needs to change as per manufacturer recommends.

7: Test The Lights

A broken or burned- bulb is a safety risk. Before starting your car, thoroughly inspect your car’s bulbs because a few simple steps make your tour pleasant, safe, and memorable.

8:  Maintain Your Brakes

Brake fluid attracts moisture, which leads to corrosion and rust issues. Make your habit of checking your car’s brakes and brake pads regularly. If they need replacement, change it on priority. If you don’t know how to get an idea, your car breaks need to change. Don’t worry. We’ll share a few common signs;

  • Strange brake response
  • Unusual noises
  • Weird feelings when you press brakes

9: Clean Your Vehicle

Waste your car regularly to prevent dirt and debris that can lead to corrosion. Once rust forms, it overgrows and damages your car’s exterior paint and even your car’s engine. Don’t forget to keep your car interior clean.

10: Maintain the Air Filter

Airflow into your car’s engine makes it work harder and consumes excessive fuel.

To avoid any possible issues, you need to replace the air filter of your loved car after every 12 months or after 12,000 miles for smooth finishing. A clogged filter can decrease your car’s efficiency and affect its acceleration.

11: Maintain Your Batteries

A good battery connection keeps your family trip memorable. A simple visual check on your battery will let you know if it needs some TLC. If you observe crunchy white residue on the posts, you have to clear them up using baking soda and water or some cleaning solutions.

12: Check Belts & Hoses

Keep regularly checking and balancing your belts and hoses because if your serpentine belt breaks while driving, your car’s engine will fail. Here we are sharing a few common signs that you need your car’s belt and hose need to replacement, such as;

  • Strange noises from the engine
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cracks on the hoses and belts

13: Lubricate Moving Parts

Before arranging any tour or family trip, ensure all moving parts in your vehicle are in their working condition. You have to check;

  • Steering arms
  • Suspension systems
  • Door locks and seals
  • Window tracks

To keep your car in good shape, you can follow all the tips mentioned above by doing regular inspections. Contact your local mechanic for regular maintenance if you’re still unsure about how to inspect or replace a car part.

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